An Insight into Africa’s Abundance and Simplicity of Nature

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Inspired by nature, Yvel’s artistic collections and stunning objets d’ arts gives any jewellery lover a glimpse into the wonderful world of Africa.

Ethiopia Collection

The Ethiopian Collection consists of gold woven bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces adorned with white and black diamonds.

Influenced by the unique weaving techniques and authentic passion found in Ethiopian culture and society, the Collection embodies the creative skills Ethiopians use to bring colour, beauty and excitement to simple everyday objects.

Satin Sea Collection

Inspired by the sea with its sandy beaches, the Satin Sea Collection’s special gold finish gives a warm soft feeling when it touches the body. This wonderful organic collection is finished with a unique satin technique first adopted by Yvel as early as 2001.

For more information visit Yvel.

Jeweller of the Month JANUARY

Yvel is a luxury jewellery brand recognised worldwide for its distinctive creations featuring nature’s most treasured resources.

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