Symbol of Life

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Injecting metaphorical symbolism and personal touches in their jewellery are principles cherished by Archè Gioielli and Felice Caradonna.
Fantasy In A Jewel

Derived from an oil painting artwork done by an Italian artist, this unique 18K yellow gold collection represents young and old artists confronting each other as the fishes pass by. The elderly gentleman is made as a belt buckle, the young artists as pendants and the fishes as rings.

The collection symbolises the older gentleman’s wisdom and his experiences that are passed down to the youth, showing them the way forward as life goes on.

White Gold Haven

 Archè Gioielli and Felice Caradonna’s love for 18K white gold are frequently displayed in their fascinating collaborations combined with brilliant gemstones such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires.

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Jeweller of the Month MAY

Archè Gioielli and Felice Caradonna are two thriving Italian brands, honing 40 years of  'Made in Italy' craftsmanship and creativity.

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