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Discover our Advertising and Sponsorship Options

Jewellery Arabia welcomes over 55,000 visitors every year, offering a great opportunity for you to connect with a highly engaged audience. We offer a wide range of advertising and brand sponsorship opportunities to suit all business objectives and budgets.

Grab the attention of visitors with high-impact animated adverts on HD screens in busy areas at Jewellery Arabia, including the main show entrance. Choose from indoor and outdoor screens, or opt for our best value Platinum Package for maximum exposure onsite.

Indoor Digital Adverts

US$4,500per advertiser
20 second animated advert
10 HD screens (12" x 55")
Prime indoor location
816 spots minimum per day / per screen
8,160 spots minimum
Limited to 6 advertisers

Outside Digital Advert

US$ 6,000 per advertiser
20 second animated advert
1 HD screen (6 m x 4 m)
Prime outdoor location
144 spots minimum per day
816 spots minimum
Limited to 6 advertisers

Stand out from the competition at Jewellery Arabia with a choice of venue branding options that will help guide customers to your stand. Choose from carpet branding, wayfinding signage and show maps, or opt for our Platinum Package for maximum visibility.

Carpet Tiles

Lead over 55,000+ visitors to your stand with unique carpet tiles that showcase your brand’s message.

US$ 3,200 per advertiser
4 branded carpet tiles (1 m x 1 m)
55,000+ visitor impressions
Limited to 2 advertisers per hall


'You Are Here" Maps placed at the entrance to each hall help visitors navigate during the show.

US$ 1,500 per advertiser
Your stand highlighted on the map
Your logo included on the map
Limited to 2 advertisers per hall

Introduce yourself to thousands of visitors before the show! Reach visitors by promoting your brand on the Jewellery Arabia website, email newsletters and more. Our Platinum, Gold and Silver Packages offer high-impact digital take over with the best return on investment.

Website Banners

The website is where visitors go to plan their trip, view the exhibitor list and more. Select from 3 high visibility options designed to raise pre-show awareness, linked to a URL of your choice:

Banner Type:
Featured Exhibitor
1 month:
US$ 2,500
US$ 2,000
US$ 3,800
3 months
US$ 5,000
US$ 4,000
US$ 7,600
Limited to 4 advertisers
Banner size:
728 (w) x 90 (h) pixels
300 (w) x 250 (h) pixels
1,200 (w) x 1,000 (h) pixels product image
Every page of
Homepage only
Homepage & Exhibitor Directory landing page

Countdown Clock

Perfect for watch brands, the countdown clock is a dynamic online advertising unit that allows your brand to take centre stage.

US$ 3,500Exclusive
Exclusive ‘show timekeeper’ status
Your logo & product image on homepage
Your logo on email newsletters
Hyperlink to a URL of your choice
Long display duration
2 social media posts


Place your company banner, brand message and clickable link on the email that is received by every visitor pre-registering for the show.*

US$ 3,500Exclusive
Banner 610 x 210 pixels
Link to URL of your choice
*As added value, the confirmation message is resent the week prior to the show so that every visitor will have your brand in their hand as they walk into the show to check-in.

Social Media

Engage with your target audience with sponsored content on Jewellery Arabia’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, at guaranteed peak times.

US$ 1,500Limited to 6 advertisers
x 1 post pre-show across 3 channels
x 1 post during the show across 3 channels
Link to URL of your choice
Limited to one advertiser per email

Email Campaign

Take your message to the heart the event's community with a pre-show email dedicated to your brand

US$ 4,500 per email
Exclusive message
55,000+ visitor impressions

Event Newsletters

Raise awareness amongst visitors prior to the show by featuring in our Jewellery Arabia newsletter.

US$ 1,000 per email
1 x image 275 x 570 pixels OR banner advert
Editorial content OR hyperlink of your choice
Limited to one advertiser per email

Jeweller of the Month

US$ 5,0001 month promo
1 x welcome #jewelleryofthemonth blog post
1 x #behindthebrand Q&A
1 x social media post in November
8 x social media posts about your brand
1 x email newsletter
1 x #insidemyjewellerybox video
1 x feature in the Jewellery Arabia newsletter in November
Limited to one advertiser per email

Silver Package

Special introductory package designed to introduce your brand

US$2,375per advertiser
5% discount on rate card price
x 1 leaderboard banner on
x 2 social media posts across 3 channels

Gold Package

Incredible brand exposure through
a wide variety of digital channels

US$5,040per advertiser
10% discount on rate card price
x 1 featured exhibitor product
image on
x 3 social media posts across 3 channels
x 1 banner or editorial content
included in an event newsletter

Platinum Package

High-impact digital take over and best return on investment

US$9,860per advertiser
15% discount on rate card price
x 1 email campaign to
jewellery Arabia subscribers
x 1 featured exhibitor product image
x 3 social media posts across 3 channels
x 1 banner or editorial content included
in an event newsletter

Align your brand with high profile services offered during Jewellery Arabia to ensure your brand is at the forefront of visitor’s minds.

Mobile App

The Jewellery Arabia mobile app is designed to help attendees plan and maximise their visit. Features include full exhibitor listings, products previews, maps and more. Sponsorship of the mobile app offers your company a direct channel to reach your target audience before, during and after the event.



Full screen advert on the app splash screen
Up to 5 push notifications during the show
1 x push notification pre-show
In-app Banner advertising
Your logo on mobile app signage
Brand name mention on social media and email campaign mobile app promotion


Help visitors stay connected by sponsoring the WiFi connection and maximise your brand awareness and visibility onsite.



Your logo on the WiFi login portal
URL of your choice on the WiFi homescreen
Customised WiFi password of your choice
Recognition on all WIFI signage
Your brand name mentioned in organic social media posts promoting the free access to the WiFi

Treasure Box

Be the brand everyone wants to win at the show with our exciting new Treasure Box competition! Every visitor will receive a unique code via SMS to try their luck at opening the Box. One lucky winner per day will reveal your prize.

US$20,000plus supply of prizes


High profile location in the hall 1 main gangway
Treasure Box branding with your logo
Your logo on onsite signage
promoting the Treasure Box
Your logo on the
Exclusive feature page and your product
images on
Exclusive email campaign to Jewellery
Arabia subscribers
x 2 social media posts on Jewellery
Arabia’s channels

Put your brand in Jewellery Arabia visitor’s hands with exclusive print advertising opportunities during the show.

Visitor Passes

All visitors to Jewellery Arabia will receive a visitor pass at check-in. Make your brand one of the first things visitors see when they arrive onsite.



High profile opportunity exclusive to one advertiser
Your logo on the visitor pass front
Full page advert on the visitor pass reverse
Contact your nearest office for bookings and enquiries:
Anna Noeth
Middle East Organisers
Sunny Chan
Asian Co-ordinator
Susan Lee
Worldwide Co-ordinator
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