Archè Gioielli & Felice Caradonna

Made in Italy with Love
Destined to enthrall you this May with their dynamic jewellery-making savoir faire, we gladly present two affluent Italian brands; Archè Gioielli and Felice Caradonna where jewellery is designed by a woman for women.

Archè Gioielli and Felice Caradonna are two Italian jewellery companies with a long lasting tradition of  ‘Made in Italy’ craftsmanship and creativity for more than 40 years.

Located in Bari on the South of Italy, the goldsmith’s workshops continuously develop incredible craftsmanship and innovation, that has achieved technical excellence in their creations. These handcrafted collections are made using high quality materials and gemstones which are carefully selected with passion and love.

The jewels are designed by a woman for women with a constant attention to their customers and their relationship with the jewel. The main goal is to offer the perfect, inimitable jewel, chosen and made specifically to be worn by each of their customers. 

For further information please contact us on: [email protected] / [email protected]


Meet your next jewellery obsession

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