A Pioneer of Tradition & Quality

Our incredible discussion with the renowned Frank Mayer sheds a light on the strong values behind Heinz Mayer’s sustained growth since 1599.
Believing in quality, honesty and integrity are the Mayer brothers’ daily mantra – values passed down from generation to generation in the family. These three pillars have built Heinz Mayer’s foundation of excellence and superiority in their extraordinary jewellery work.

Heinz Mayer is a family owned manufacturer of fine jewellery with an uninterrupted family and gemstone tradition since 1599 based in Idar-Oberstein; universally acclaimed in Germany as the centre of the high end gemstone world. 

Exquisite, craftsmanship and tradition.

Heinz Mayer became a jewellery brand through the oldest known ancestor of the family, Johannes Becker in 1599.

The collections are created permanently in a constant flow under the supervision of Stefan Mayer. Our designers are influenced by fashion, nature and beauty.

The confidential and trustful cooperation with some of the finest names in the jewellery world for many, many decades. Furthermore, Heinz Mayer is the exclusive chosen partner of the De Beers Group for its 'Forevermark Diamonds' in Germany and Austria. Heinz Mayer also was selected to exclusively produce the Bentley Jewellery Collection and the Centenary Jewel, as well as the Centenary Bracelet of Rolls Royce Motor Cars. Our grandfather had worked for the Vatican and the 'Green Vault' of Dresden.


Heinz Mayer was voted German Diamond Jewellery Manufacturer of the year by the German jewellers 2011, 2015, 2016, 2019 and 2020. The Mayer brothers were both invited several times to the GIA Leadership Symposium at Harvard University.

Our father and grandfather made us believe that nothing beats quality, honesty and integrity. We were encouraged to strictly believe in these values and not in price.

Invest in a piece of jewellery that makes you or your wife smile and touches your hearts. Apart from that: a fine Rolling Diamonds® bracelet in a substantial size and quality, or a fine Paraiba-Tourmaline.

A firework of new designs, especially the completely new and exquisite range of Flexing Diamonds® bracelets. The new 'Bentley Precious Gemstone Collection' and fine unique jewels in diamonds and fine gemstones.

Heinz Mayer is preparing its new collections to be presented at the upcoming Las Vegas Jewellery Show by the end of August.

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